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Public Contracts

Contractors who contract with public entities in Pennsylvania, at the state and local level, confront issues that do not arise in the context of private commercial contracts.  For this reason, they need experienced public contracts counsel to assist them in this process.


We assist clients on a diverse range of issues involving public bidding and contracting in Pennsylvania.  Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the rules that govern the process of contracting with government entities, including the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, local school districts, townships, and boroughs, and governmental agencies and authorities throughout Pennsylvania.  We also represent clients bidding Federal projects, as well as state projects in New Jersey and New York.


We handle bid protests and challenges, bid mistakes and withdrawals, surety bond claims, and prompt payments claims.  We advise upon broad Procurement Code issues, as well as specific statutory obligations, such as the PA Steel Products Procurement Act.

Christopher I. McCabe
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